Check out the preview for the first offical Ohhellyes! Records Dubstep/Electro Mix Volume 1

Welcome to Ohhellyes! Records. This is our temp website untill is finshed and up and running. Here you will find everything you need to know about Ohhellyes! Records and the artists under our label, aswell links to all their work.


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Our first offical Ohhellyes! Records Dubstep/Electro Mix 1 has just been launched. Check it out and and grab yourself a copy over at

We accept all artsits, no matter what kind of music you do. This record company aims as a "first step" for artists that are just starting out to get noticed by bigger record labels. Our artists join our label (upon meeting the Ohhellyes! Records test) and then we aim at promoting their work, doing up promo pics and even making video clips for the artists, all for free, though anyone can make donations to improve the service (ofcourse this is not asked for or required)

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